Y3/4 class Beech

Welcome to Beech!

We have 30 amazing children in our class. 


Mr Dyson is our class teacher.

Mr Razzaq is our Educational Teaching Assistant.



Our topic for this half term is "Savage Stone Age". This topic is very History, English, Science and Art based. We will be using "How to Train a Woolly Mammoth", "Stone Age Boy" and "Stig of the Dump" for English opportunities . We will also be going on a trip to White Scar Caves to examine and learn about how caves are made.



In class we will be using will be using "How to Train a Woolly Mammoth", "Stone Age Boy" and "Stig of the Dump" English opportunities to help focus our learning in English. We will be writing our own set of instructions. adventure stories, non-chronological reports and a lot more. 



This half term we will be learning about Money, Statistics and Time.  We will using the White Rose Hub to help develop the children's fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills. This year we are having a big push on Maths outside the classroom and we have started to use Maths of the Day to put our Maths skills into practice.We also have a weekly times table test on a Friday. Children are encouraged to use Mathletics and Times Table Rockstar to help consolidate their learning in class.


This half term we will be learning about Rocks, Soils and Fossils. 

Investigate the rock cycle

  • Find out about how fossils are formed. Create own fossils.
  • Investigate materials: stone vs. bronze vs. iron
  • Learn about different layers of soil
  • Investigate the best material for new trousers for Ug
  • Learn about prehistoric animals and their food chains.
  • Use caves as a starting point for learning about how they are formed and features (Trip to White Scar Cave)

Other areas of the curriculum:

Computing- Animation- PurpleMash Scheme of Work

Stop start animation in the style of Early Man. 


  • Make a Stone Age necklace • Stone Age cave art • Mix up natural paints • Represent Stone Henge using pastels

Dates for the diary:


Tuesday 13th February- World Book Day. (Re-scheduled)

The National Curriculum. 

 If you would like to find out more about what objectives your child will be covering please have a look on the national curriculum

Useful websites:



Times Table Rockstar

Maths of the day


School Council:

Year 4- Krishna 

Year 3- Cammi

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